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The company’s current high-growth business trends provide you with outstanding career prospects. Powerthink’s turnover in 2019 reached 200 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of 50%. At present, Puweisixin Company urgently needs a group of professionals with high professional knowledge to join. Previst has more than 30 employees and these numbers are still growing. The company has a flat management structure, efficient work and communication efficiency, providing a broad career development platform for each member.

We pay close attention to employees’ feedback on their work and strive to create a corporate culture that is consistent with the company’s development and personal development, and to support the company and personal development.

Collaborative work in a professional team, the ability to work independently and the spirit of fair play are critical to us. We make efforts to engage with employees as an important way to enhance corporate cohesion. The success of Previstra is the result of the dedication and contribution of our employees. To further expand our innovative leadership position in the tobacco market, we will continue to recruit highly promising and highly skilled high-potential employees.

Our global business provides each employee with a variety of interesting work projects: ongoing business and technology as well as international projects and customer needs.

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