• Q1: Cannot start the unit?
    First confirm whether the unit runs off power or not, try to insert charging cable to charge the battery. If the LED comes in GREEN, the unit may not have power to be fully charged. If the LED still not be ON, please contact the after-sales.
  • Q2: Too few smokes per stick?
    The times of tobacco stick used is related to heating temperature, smoking habit and the quality of tobacco stick.
  • Q3: How to clean the unit?
    The tobacco stick is rotated to plug into the unit each time, and rotated to pull out. No special cleaning method is needed.
  • Q4: Can traditional cigarettes be used?
    Tobacco sticks are specially processed using tobacco materials, and traditional cigarettes cannot be inserted into the unit.
  • Q5: How to adjust the heating temperature?
    When the LED turns GREEN, please connect the mobile APP, adjust the tobacco stick type and heating method via the setting card in the APP.
  • Q6: Cannot tobacco sticks be plugged into the machine?
    Check whether there is a tobacco stick residue blocking the heating parts, open the upper cover to remove it. Please note that during heating process, the temperature of the part inside the cover is high, be caution.
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