Innovators in heating non-burning tobacco systems

Powerthink Technology Co., Ltd. provides adult smokers with better, healthier heating electronics.

Powerthink Technology Co., Ltd.

Powerthink Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the overall solution of heating not burning tobacco segment industry chain and manufacturing of related appliances and non-tobacco exclusive accessories. The core technical team is composed by the earliest engaged in tobacco equipment manufacturing and domestic hardware expertises for many years engaged. Our businesss is smart heating device development, technology platform authorization as the basis, and extends to new heating sticks materials development, heating stick manufacturing equipment assembling, sales and production process services.

The company’s technical team have a number of patents in the core components of heating device, development of cooling filter material, heating stick manufacturing equipment development, hardware&software development, process control, therefore we have a deep technical accumulation and experience.

Core Benefits
1. Industry-leading product technology and research and development capabilities
2.The deep layout of the whole industry chain of HNB products
3. Experienced management and technical team
4. Perfect sales channels and rich strategic cooperation resources

Core Technology
1.Smart HNB device
Independently developed intelligent heating not burning tobacco device;
2. Smart heating device control APP development
The technical team is a domestic professional software development team with experience in developing IoT technology in other industries.
3. Advanced HNB industrial chain technology research and development, design and implementation capabilities.
Tobacco heating stick manufacturing equipment development technology, production process solutions.
4.HNB Product Total Solution Provider
Provide sitop ODM, OEM solutions from heating device. Patented heating stick solution.
5.The development and production of non-exclusive products related to the HNB industrial chain

Powerthink can be your reliable service partner.

Year 2014
Project Start-up, Structural Design
Year 2017
Beijing company registration, hardware software development, A round financing, Kunming branch registration
End of Year 2019
The first generation of smart tobacco heating device was born
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